Psychology Lab

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Name of Experiment (Psycho Lab): 1.General mental ability test by Dr.
Rama Tiwari & Dr. Roma Pal.
2.Group test of general mental ability
revised by Dr. S. Jalota.
3.A New test of creativity by Dr. Roma
4.Dimensional personality inventory
by Mahesh Bhargava.
5.Sentence completion test by L.N.
Dubey & Archna Dubey.
6.Teacher’s role commitment scale by
Dr. Meena Buddhisagar Rathod.
7.General teaching competency scale
by B.K. Passi & Mrs. M.S. Lalitha.
8.Teaching aptitude test by Dr. Geeta
Tiwari & Dr. R.P. Srivastava.
9.Kulsum teacher effectiveness scale
by Dr. Mrs. Umme Kulsum.
10.Study of values by Dr. R.K. Ojha.
11.Concept formation test by Mrs.
Kamal Dwivedi.
12.Personality adjustment inventory
by Dr. C.P. Sharma.
13.Non verbal group intelligence test
by Imtisungba Ao.
14.Teaching aptitude test battery by
Dr. R.P. Singh & Dr. S.N. Sharma.
15.Non verbal test of creative thinking
by Baqer Mehdi.
16.Mental fatigue by Vivek Bhargava.
17.Concept attainment test by Dr.
Anuradha Joshi & Miss Ratnama
18.Teacher attitude inventory by Dr.
S.P. Ahluwalia.
19.Teacher values inventory by Dr.
Harbhajan L, Singh.
20.Mathematical interest inventory by
L.N. Dubey.
21.Educational interest record by Dr.
S.P. Kulshrestha.
22.Verbal intelligence test by R.K.
Ojha & Ray Chaudhary.
Name of Appratus(Psycho Lab) : 1.The revised Bhatia’s short battery of
performance test of interlligence for
2.Human memory & experimental
procedure on long term memory &
short term memory by Dr. B.B.
3. General classroom achievement
test by Dr. A.K. Singh & Dr. A. Sen
4. Comcept Achivevement test by Dr.
M. Rajamanickam.
5. Verbal conditioning by D.S.
Janbandhu & Bina Awasthi.
6. Mirror Drawing.
7. Tachitosope
8. Pass Along