Science Lab

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Area of science Lab : 59
Physical Science Name Experiment: 1.To determine the value of ‘g’ by
using simple pandulum.
2.To measure the radius of wire with
the help of screw gauge.
3.To measure the redius of coin with
the help of vernier calipers.
4.Principle of archamedies.
5.To study the logic gates.
Refraction of light, Electric bulb,
Magnetism, Electric current, Sources
Name of Charts(Physical Science): of light, Types of force, Lenses,
Purification of water, Types of motion,
Galaxy, Newton’s law of motion.
Name Experiment(Biological Science) : 1. Dissection of frog, rat & prawn.
2. To make slide of muscles.
3. To make slide of blood cell.
Name Charts(Biological Science): 1. Parts of flower.
2. Plant fiber like cotton.
3. Process of photosynthesis.
4. Plant tissue.
5. Virus.
6. Adaptation.
7. Pollution.
8. Structure of heart.
9. Structure of eye.
10. Structure of leaf.
11. Micro organism.
12. Types of root.
13. Nutrition.
14. Blood.
15. Repraduction in plaw.
Name Model(Biological Science): Plant cell, Cell division, Mitosis, Life
cycle of silk worm, Cycle of
spermatogensis & oogenesis,
Paramecium, D.N.A. model, Balanced
diet (nutrients).
Name Charts(Mathematics Resource Center) : Chart of Cube, Cuboid, Rectangle,
Tringle, Square, Van diogram,
Cylender, Circle, Ring, Quartdrilateral,
Bhaskaracharya, Aryabhatt, Sriniwas
Ramanujum, Picture of euclid, Chart
of pythagorus, Picture of
Name Model(Mathematics Resource Center) : Cube, Cuboid, Prism, Pyramid,
Sphere-Hollow, Solid Sphere, Semi
Sphere, Dise, Abacus.